RIIFS Objectives

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a. RIIFS objectives shall be in the following fields:

  • Religious programs in order to foster faith and its principles through gaining support, raising religious awareness, conducting research, studies, documentation and building skills for the society as a whole, civil society organizations, the media, private sector and the government.
  • Promoting dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding among followers of different religions and cultures and promoting common human and ethical values.
  • Development of culture through the dissemination, promotion, and development of cultural events.
  • Civilization dialogue through respect for concepts, freedoms and perspectives among the peoples and cultural interaction.

b. In fulfillment of the objectives set out in Clause (a) above, RIIFS aims to achieve the following:

  • To be a leading center for study and research in all subjects related to the interaction between followers of different religions, civilizations and cultures regionally and globally.
  • To extend RIIFS interest to include all topics related to religious, cultural and civilization diversity and pluralism, matters affecting and influencing it, and the interaction between cultures and civilization patterns at the regional and global levels.
  • To give particular attention to the study of cultural diversity in the Arab and Islamic worlds and to preserve, nurture and develop cultural diversity.
  • To conduct research and scientific studies on all variables and drivers of the religious phenomenon and its social and human dimensions.
  • To highlight common factors, areas of cooperation, agreement and interaction among religions and their followers and among different civilizations, encourage cooperation and communication, positive interaction between them, build bridges and address differences and mutual misunderstandings, if any.
  • To promote cultural, scientific and academic exchange domestically and with the outside world and facilitate it through building relationships with individuals and organizations of all types, institutions of common competence, interest and goals.
  • To raise awareness about religious, cultural and academic life in Jordan and the Arab world.
  • To foster scientific research, qualify and assist researchers, and facilitate their communication with the international academic community
  • To contribute to the development of Arab human capabilities and increase their effectiveness in productive participation in the comprehensive Arab-Islamic development process.
  • To establish a library of the most important references and resources required in the fields of interest and specialization of the Institute.
  • To enrich, support and develop the culture of diversity, difference, tolerance, and acceptance of the other.


In fulfillment of the objectives, RIIFS may:

  • Conduct research on comparative religions with a focus on Christianity and the history of the Eastern Christian communities and their situation in the Arab and Islamic world.
  • Teach and grant certification in the field of religious and cultural studies.
  • Organize lectures, intellectual seminars, scientific, academic and media conferences, symposiums, and international meetings, and host researchers, academics and specialists from Arab countries and the world to participate in the activities of the Institute and to give general and specialized lectures in religious and cultural issues and their multiple human dimensions.
  • Assign experts from the Arab and foreign countries to carry out research and specific studies within the mandate and interests of the Institute.
  • Disseminate research carried out or adopted by the Institute in accordance with copyright rules.
  • Invite specialists and those interested in the subjects that fall within the competence of the Institute to visit Jordan to learn about the activities carried out by the Institute and to build cultural and intellectual relations with the entities that share common goals with the Institute.
  • Participate in conferences and assemblies and all regional and international dialogue activities.
  • Foster scientific and intellectual links with clubs, universities, and societies that conduct similar intellectual activities in and abroad Jordan.
  • Provide consultation and advice to religious groups in the Arab countries regarding their concerns and issues.
  • Issue periodicals in various languages within RIIFS mandates and interests, as well as other books, dictionaries and research references.
  • Collect and classify historical documents related to churches, Christian denominations and religious minorities in the Arab and Islamic world.
  • Host academic, student, scientific and media delegations that wish to visit the Institute and learn about its work and the Arab and Islamic culture and civilization through the Institute.