Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between (RIIFS) and The DANMISSIN Organisation

The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (RIIFS) and The DANMISSIN Organisation signed a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement which aims at strengthening the ties between RIIFS in Jordan and Danmission in Denmark to help each other achieve common goals and cooperate in areas of common interest, mainly: interfaith dialogue as a means for co-existence and building new insights, Peace-building and reconciliation, PVE, Education in working with interfaith issues as well as young leaders and young professionals. 
The partnership Agreement is based on the shared values between the two parties, believing together that religious and cultural diversity can be an enrichment for societies and are required to contribute to peacebuilding and solidarity through dialogue and common initiatives, in both Danish and Middle Eastern societies.

RIIFS joined the already existing regional program “Leaders for Interreligious Understanding” in the end of 2015. Since then, the cooperation between RIIFS and DM has continued to grow stronger. In 2017, RIIFS and DM started the implementation of the joint project “Teachers of Tomorrow” with funding from the Danish Arab Partnership Program (DAPP).