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Call for Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist


The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (RIIFS) is seeking a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist.


Duties & Responsibilities:


Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist is responsible for completing the following tasks:

1. Develop the monitoring and evaluation plan for the final phase of the project.

2. Develop and strengthen monitoring, inspection and evaluation procedures

3. Monitor all project activities, expenditures and progress towards achieving the project output;

4. Develop the logical framework for the project;

5. Develop monitoring and impact indicator for the project success;

6. Monitor and evaluate overall progress on achievement of results;

7. Monitor the sustainability of the project's results;

8. Provide feedback to the project manager & coordinator on project strategies and activities;

9. Suggest strategies to the project management & coordinator for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the project by identifying challenges in completing project activities and developing plans to minimize or eliminate such challenges;

10. Report monthly progress on all project activities to the Project Manager & Coordinator;

11. Conduct capacity assessment on existing monitoring and evaluation system Develop indicators and a monitoring strategy for the project;

12. Provide inputs, information and statistics for bi-annual reports to Project team;

13. Participate in project reviews and planning workshops and assist the project manager in preparing relevant reports;

14. Support monitoring and evaluation of the effects and impact of the project;

15. Assist in the development and/or finalization of the project Work Plan and keep it updated in accordance with project activities and timeframes as relevant.

16. Review the quality of existing data in the project subject areas, the methods of collecting it, and the degree to which it will provide good baseline statistics for impact evaluation.

17. Assist the project team with M&E tools and in supporting them in their use.

18. Perform other duties as required;


Required Skills, Qualifications & Experience:

• Minimum BA Degree in related fields;

• Minimum two years-experience required;

• Excellent command of English language;

• Good level of knowledge about RIIFS related topics;

• Possess strong working ethics and willingness to take initiative and be proactive;

• Multitasking;

• Microsoft Office skills;

• Willing to work in a team;

• Excellent communication skills;

• Excellent interpersonal skills.


Required Documents:

1-Motivational letter.

2-Curriculum Vitae.


📌 Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

📌 To apply, please send the required documents before 16:00 on 15 June 2021 to [email protected]       No phone calls, please. Only applications through e-mail will be considered.



The project aims at preventing extremism among Jordanian communities through teaching human values inspired in the moderate values of Islam and encouraging diversity and acceptance of the other, mainly religious other.

Teachers of Human Science subjects in private schools, who followed the curricula provided by the Ministry of Education, form a strong influence on the lives of youth. This project aimed to enhance the leadership capacity of teachers of Human Science subjects (for grades 7-12) in private schools in Jordan by offering training workshops. It also aimed at promoting religious freedom, protection of human rights, and attainment of good governance, enhancing universal values, and encouraging respect for differences.

This project seeks a better understanding of the concepts and values of citizenship inclusive of religious and cultural diversity, the different other, human rights, and religious freedom. And at long term objective, with the aim of preventing violent extremism (PVE) in Jordan, RIIFS in collaboration and support by Danmission and other stakeholders aim at influencing school teachers throughout Jordan so that they can influence children/youth in local communities. The assumption is that by educating teachers using the new training material developed by RIIFS, teachers are equipped with a new and more comprehensive understanding of teaching religions as well as new skills to support this.








Unfortunately, there are no open vacancies at this time. 

Please check back soon.