Internships Program

Join us for the Research Internship Program at RIIFS. Housing and academic support are provided to researchers. The program is an unpaid internship thattargets students, academics and researchers from different backgrounds interested in religious and interfaith studies. 

RIIFS offers three interdisciplinary programs related to the different lines of its research.

Eligible articles written by researchers can be published in BRIIFS (in English and French) and in Muqābasāt Hadāriya (in Arabic).

RIIFS also offers students the opportunity to acquire practical experience through attending the different activities organized by the Institute such as conferences, debates, lectures and training programs and workshops.


Interns can participate in one of the following research programs offered by RIIFS.

  • Arab Christian Studies
  • Peace Studies
  • Interfaith Studies

Academic support

1-Dr.Majeda Omar

  • Director of the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies
  • PhD in Philosophy
  • Dr. Omar holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh;
  • she is specialized in Western Contemporary Philosophy; American Philosophy,
  • History of Philosophy 19th & 20th centuries, Logic, particularly, critical thinking.
  • She previously chaired the philosophy department at the University of Jordan
  • and held other academic posts before serving as the main researcher at Prince Hassan’s office.
  • Languages spoken: English and Arabic

2-Dr.Amer El-Hafi

  • Academic Advisor
  • PhD in Religion and Islamic Sciences
  • Dr. Al Hafi holds a PhD in Religion and Islamic Sciences; he is specialized in: Studies in Religion, Islamic faith, Islamic sects, Comparative religions, Islam and contemporary issues, the Islamic world today, Science of Hadith, Islamic culture and Sufism.
  • Languages spoken: English, Arabic, and Hebrew

3-Dr. Renee Hattar

  • Head of International Studies
  • PhD in Peace Studies
  • Dr. Hattar holds a PhD in Peace Studies from the University of Granada; she is specialized in Music and Peace with focus on Arab Christian Studies, Interfaith, and Peacebuilding.
  • Languages spoken: English, Arabic, French, and Spanish


Interns are encouraged to write and publish articles based on their research conducted at RIIFS. These include:

  • Opinion articles: opinion of researchers based on their own experience. 
  • Academic articles: outcomes of conducted research supported by theory.

Eligibility requirements

  • Good academic standing
  • Commitment
  • Good command of English language (other foreign languages are a plus).
  • Enrollment in a graduate (Master's, PhD) degree or undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree. 

Students and/or scholars are encouraged to apply to one of the following programs in order to acquire financial aid that would cover their expenses:

  • Erasmus +
  • Fulbright
  • Mobility scholarships at universities  


For more information on the program, please contact:

Head of International Studies

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 009626 5164141